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Ryder Cup

This is where it all began. A family golf vacation tournament that matches 4 "Old Farts" vs. 4 "Night Owls" in a 4 round, round robin match play golf tournament.  The Ryder Cup was started in 2000 as a way for Mike Boast and his 2 sons, Dustin and Kyle to play golf at great courses and spend some quality time together.  It quickly became something special as Brother in Law, Terry Ostrander brought his 2 sons. Tim and Thomas, to compete with their 2 cousins in the second annual event.  The 4 Cousins quickly became a team to be wreckon with and Night Owls took flight.  The Old Farts needed a special individual to manage and handle this challange from the Nights Owls.  Ken Ott, Mike Boast's best friend was selected as team Captain for the Old Farts.  Commonly called the "Walrus", he has become a legendary figure in Ryder Cup lore.   Although with 3 Regulars, the 4th player for old guys has been a tough spot to fill, until 2007 when Tim's Father in law, Steve Tjarnberg joined the "Old Farts". 

It has now become a legendary summer golf tournament - Ryder Cup Website

  • 2000 - Kailispell, Montana
  • 2001 - Kailispell, Montana
  • 2002 - Spokane, Washington
  • 2003 - Spokane, Washington
  • 2004 - Bellingham, Washington
  • 2005 - Bremerton, Washington
  • 2006 - Tri Cities, Washington
  • 2007 - Lake Chelan, Washington
  • 2008 - Tacoma, Washington
  • 2009 - Tacoma, Washington