DBNW Sports

DBNW Sports was created on the basic concept for helping those who "are very passionate about Sports". The Company was officially formed in the Fall of 2007 by Dustin Boast to turn his passion for sports into working on various projects. The real start of the sports marketing began when back when Dustin was 12 years old and opened up his own golfball and soda pop stand at Liberty Lake Golf Course.  From there the passion for sports, golf, business and events have evolved into attending great games, working with great companies, meeting great people and creating great memories.  

Dustin has attended over 800 sporting games, 75 stadiums including 26 MLB stadiums, played over 200 golf courses, and played in over 100 sporting tournaments.  Along with working in University Sports Marketing department and MLB team, Dustin earned an accounting degree and has over 4 years of public accounting experience having audited over 65 Companies in many industries.

Needless to say, we can help you on any project from Golf tournaments to other sports marketing ideas.


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